Resurrection: A Strategy to Improve User Engagement

11/29/20231 min read

white Good News Is Coming paper on wall
white Good News Is Coming paper on wall

Resurrection is a powerful strategy that can significantly improve user retention. When it comes to targeting dormant users, focusing on involuntarily inactive users can be particularly effective. These users are more likely to be easier to resurrect compared to others.

There can be various reasons why users are not actively using a product. Two common reasons are product issues and payment failures. By prioritizing this segment of users, we can maximize the impact of our efforts and make the most out of our resources.

At one consumer chat app, we successfully implemented these strategies and managed to gain approximately 80,000 users. By focusing on churned users and implementing resurrection tactics, we were able to bring them back into the fold.

One crucial aspect to consider when implementing resurrection strategies is the time sensitivity of the matter. Resurrection efforts need to be acted upon as soon as possible to increase the chances of success. The longer a user remains dormant, the harder it becomes to revive their engagement.

To effectively target involuntarily inactive users, we recommend establishing continuous resurrection cycles. By continuously monitoring and reaching out to these users, we can increase the likelihood of re-engagement. Regularly evaluating the effectiveness of our resurrection strategies and making necessary adjustments is also essential for long-term success.

Resurrection can be a game-changer for improving user engagement. By focusing on involuntarily inactive users, addressing their concerns, and implementing timely resurrection efforts, we can revitalize their interest and bring them back into the active user base.

Remember, the key to successful resurrection lies in understanding the reasons behind user inactivity, promptly addressing their concerns, and consistently reaching out to them. With the right approach, resurrection can be a powerful tool to boost user engagement and drive growth.